We are neurology, neuropsychiatry,
neuropsychology and care expert professionals

Experienced in treatment of brain and nerve related disease, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and expertise to legal professionals

We provide the highest quality expert reports or treatment to provide your client with the gold standard of care or your case with medical evidence you can rely upon all the way to trial if needed.

We are based in the West Midlands and can see clients at Harborne Rd Edgebaston or the newly opened Circle Rehabilitation Hospital Edgebaston. Home visits can be arranged by special arrangement.

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Areas of Expertise

We specialise and deal with the following conditions:

Brain Injury and concussion
Severe Brain Injury
Functional neurological disorder
Non-epileptic attacks
Parkinson’s disease
Post-traumatic headache
Post-injury depression
Post-injury psychosis

Isolated nerve injury
Femoral Nerve injury
Ulnar Nerve injury
Peripheral neuropathy
Head injury and dementia
Life expectancy and brain injury
Post-traumatic epilepsy risk
Care needs and brain injury
Epilepsy care needs and plans

Medico Legal FAQs

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